7th of may 2011 - night of the goat

misc europe winter spring 2011

mother misery, harry b james stockholm 5/4/2011

bibleblack + final depravity + suidakra +onslaught, klubben stockholm 3/4/2011

sweden rock cruise, baltic sea 7+8/4/2011

rival schools, debaser slussen stockholm 6-4-2011

... Hornsgatan by night, South Central Stockholm 2-4-2011

wintershadows 2010-2011

out of the haze, miscallenous 2010-2011

Gwyn Ashton supporting Magnum

Magnum Debaser Medis Stockholm 9/3/2011

Wire Stockholm Debaser 8th of March 2011

the black angels debaser stockholm march 3 2011

stockholm city january 10 2011


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David Sebastian Isberg

A misanthropic man lost in music, art and poetry. I am not a photographer this is just pics from my cellphone to catch some moments. If you by any means wants to corrspond to this person you can communicate via: nygiants2009@live.se

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